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Smart Mouth Reaches 1000's of New Patients For You
Harness the Power of Social Media to Grow Your Dental Practice

Take a Look

Smart Mouth Delivers Ads Like These for Your Practice on Social Media

145 Root Canal - Summerland
145 Root Canal - Summerland
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106 Cavities - Kids Klub
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135 - Dental Floss - Mason
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Smart Mouth Ads are Quick, Educational and Worth Watching

Why Social Media Marketing?

Reach 1000's of New Patients

Each Month Through Targeted Ads

Add New Patients

Connect with 6X more patients with social media marketing than postcards for the same spend. 

Plus, social media targeted ads reach the specific demographics that are ideal for your practice.

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Stay Top-of-Mind

Over 70% of Facebook users and 59% of Instagram users visit those sites daily.  Active social media marketing helps connect you where patients spend time...on their phones

Build Your Brand

Social media marketing creates real connections with your patients.  Posting fun and educational content establishes you as the thought leader in your community.  

What the Experts Say

How It Works

Remarkable Social Media Marketing That's100% Done For You


Smart Mouth Manages Your Facebook and Instagram Profiles


Smart Mouth Produces, Schedules, and Posts Your Custom Ads


Smart Mouth Delivers Ad Performance Metrics Monthly

Product Features

Smart Mouth is the best social media marketing service for your dental practice

Weekly Posting

Consistent posts to your followers once each week

Custom Branding

Content is customized to your dental practice

Exclusive Territory

Your market is protected so only your ads are shown

Boosted Ads

Paid ads target 1,000s of new patients monthly


Engaging videos cover a wide range of dental topics

Return on Investment

Custom reports measure reach and performance

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Let Smart Mouth market your dental practice on social media and watch your practice grow

Let’s Connect!

Interested?  Let's set up time to discuss what social media can do for your dental practice. 

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