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    Every month
    Post Videos to Your Social Media Profiles Every Week
    • No hidden fees
    • 100% US based team
    • Money back guarantee
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    Every month
    Boost Your Posts With Social Media Advertising
    • Includes everything in CONNECTOR plan
    • Reach over 3,500 potential patients every month
    • Includes all social media advertising fees
    • Perfect for practices that want to add new patients

    Every month
    Turbo Boost Your Social Media Advertising Posts
    • Includes everything in INFLUENCER plan
    • Reach over 5,000 potential patients every month
    • Perfect for practices that want to accelerate their growth

All Plans Include:

Custom Branding

Content is customized to your brand and colors.

Exclusive Territory

Your market is protected so only your ads are shown.

Weekly Posting

Consistent posts to your followers once each week.


Engaging videos cover a wide range of dental topics.

Boosted Ads

Paid ads target 1,000s of new patients monthly.

Return on Investment

Custom reports measure performance and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Still Add Posts to My Social Media Profiles?

Yes, we encourage you to keep posting content about events, your staff, new services, and anything else you want to share. Smart Mouth is even compatible with other content posting services that don't provide paid ads.

How Do Exclusive Territories Work?

Smart Mouth doesn't want your ads competing with another dental practice in the same market. Your exclusive market is a specific mile radius from your practice location that can differ by city size.

Why Does a US Based Team Matter?

Some social media services outsource to countries like Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Social media transparency policies list these countries on your page, which comes across as very impersonal for a local dental practice.

What's the Difference Between Posts and Ads?

Social media posts are free and visible on your feed and your followers' feeds. Ads are promoted to people that don't follow you. Ads can be targeted to specific demographics like age, gender, location, and more.

What Makes Good Social Media?

People use social media to be entertained and informed. They scroll through feeds quickly, so good content must capture their attention quickly and be short enough to get them back to scrolling. Blog posts are good for SEO, but not social. Customer reviews are good for Google, but not social. Rule of thumb: you want more content about them and less about you.

How Did You Measure Your Postcard Comparison?

Smart Mouth's average cost per video view is about $0.15. A standard postcard costs about $0.90. With Smart Mouth the video view is measured and guaranteed. Postcards cannot offer the same measurement. Plus, which would you rather see?

Let’s Connect!

Questions?  Let's set up time to discuss the social media goals for your dental practice. 

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